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The Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Latinos (CCSL) Recognition Awards for Faculty, Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, and Staff (Academic Professional and Civil Service)


The Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Latinos (CCSL) established the CCSL Recognition Awards to acknowledge service to the Latinx community. In order to be eligible, nominees must identify as Latina/o/x and as members of the UIC community, be actively involved with Latinx issues and/or service at UIC, and be role models or mentors to members of the Latinx community. Up to five awards will be awarded annually to a faculty member, an academic professional, a civil service employee, a graduate student, and an undergraduate student.


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Service to the Latinx community
  2. Must identify as Latina/o/x and member of UIC community
  3. People actively involved with Latinx issues and/or service at UIC are eligible for the award.
  4. People who are role models and/or mentors for the Latinx community




Past Recipients:


Academic Professional Awardee: Anya H. Cruz

Civil Service Awardee: Jocelyn Munguía Chávez

Faculty Awardee: Liza María Suárez, PhD

Graduate Student Awardee: Michelle Annette Jaldin

Undergraduate Student Awardee: Omar Limias Villa



Academic Professional: Maria Caceres

Civil Service: Lily Diego-Johnson

Faculty: Dr. Aixa Alfonso

Graduate Student: Nilmarie Ayala-Fontanez

Undergraduate Student: Victoria Soliz



Academic Professional: Dr. Mitzi Ramos, Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services Program

Civil Service: Marta Ayala, Latin American, and Latino Studies Department

Faculty: Dr. Evelyn Figueroa, Professor of Clinical Family Medicine; Program Director, UIC

Family Medicine Residency; Director, Pilsen Social Health Initiative; Director, Pilsen Food Pantry

Graduate Student: Rosa De La Torre, College of Medicine

Undergraduate Student: Erick Vaquero, College of Engineering



Academic Professional: Erika Chavez, Director of Marketing and Communications, College of Applied Health Sciences

Civil Service: Osvaldo Villalpando, Library Specialist, University Library

Faculty: Dr. Yamile Molina, Assistant Professor of Community Health Sciences, School of Public Health

Graduate Student: Joanna Maravilla, College of Education

Undergraduate Student: Brenda Lopez, Liberal Arts & Sciences



Academic Professional: Theresa Christenson, Graduate College

Civil Service: Rita Corona, Building Services

Faculty: Dr. Nilda Flores-González, Professor of Sociology

Graduate Student: Judith Rocha, Jane Addams School of Social Work

Undergraduate Student: Mariel Rancel, Liberal Arts & Sciences