Funding Guidelines

Office of Diversity

Budget Expenditure Guidelines and Procedures 2015-16



UIC is among the nation’s most diverse universities.  We have been honored for fostering diversity

on campus and we consider diversity a strength that contributes to the success of our students and the value of our research.  Neither diminishing state support nor a more challenging legal environment should deter us from our commitment to diversity.

UIC established the Chancellor’s Status Committees to advise campus leadership on matters relating to diverse campus groups, thereby working to improve the campus climate. To that end, each committee will communicate to the Chancellor the goals and objectives of the committee for each academic year.  Expenditures should be in direct support of the committee’s charge and be consistent with efforts towards improving the campus climate.

Following the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) Business and Financial Policies and Procedures can help ensure expenditures are in compliance with Federal, State and IRS rules. Complying with OBFS Business and Financial Policies and Procedures can also help prevent loss of state funding, assure proper processing of payments and provide good stewardship.  The Office of Diversity Budget Expenditure Guidelines and Procedures are written to be more specific to the Chancellor’s Status Committees, but are one and the same.  They are as follows:

Budget Expenditure Guidelines and Procedures for the Chancellor’s Status Committees

  • The Co-chairs are responsible for overseeing the budget and notifying the Office of Diversity of an approved budget expense. Because University business practices require that oversight be distinct from authorization, Susana Sylvester ( will sign, authorizing for payment.  The co-chair may send an email approval to which indicates the total dollar amount funded and the expense to be covered by the committee.
  • Approval of expenditures by the Office of Diversity is based upon compliance with University guidelines and appropriate usage of the Chancellor’s funds. Therefore, requests must be made prior to the event.
  • A University Master Card credit card is available for most payments. Contact Susana at

312-355-2974 at least three business days before the payment is required, to make arrangement. If a P-Card or T-Card is NOT allowable for payment, the vendor will be paid using the TEM System.

  • Professional services requiring a University Contract, Professional and Artistic Agreement or Request for Honorarium Payment must be signed by a co-chair and reviewed and approved by the Office for Diversity prior to any service being performed or contracted.
  • Committee vote documentation and approval by both co-chairs is required only when funds are being approved for a co-chair’s own administrative unit.
  • State funds may NOT be used to purchase gifts, equipment or alcohol.
  • Equipment rental is permitted, equipment purchases are NOT.
  • A co-sponsored event is required to be of an educational or business nature (not social).
  • Co-sponsorships by the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of [full name, correctly spelled], with no abbreviations, must appear on announcements for the event.
  • A copy of the program and original receipt should accompany an invoice for payment.
  • Funding for food is only approved with the presence (or invitation) of an outside guest.

Please provide the anticipated number of non-UIC guests, faculty/staff and students.  Also, submit a copy of the letter of invitation and the attendance/sign-in sheet.

  • Inexpensive promotional items are permitted for events when submitted with budget request. These items must be used and distributed in the same fiscal year in which they are purchased.
  • Employee Travel (including student employees) requires approval 30 days in advance. Send an email to Tyrone Forman, Associate Chancellor & Vice Provost for Diversity and copy Susana Sylvester, Business Administrative Associate and refer the employee to Sec. 15 for rules on employee travel.
  • Conference Registration Fees may be sponsored by a Committee with the approval of the co-chair.
  • Advertisements in an ad book for external community events are not permissible.
  • Co-sponsorship of a student organization activity must be payable directly to the vendor. Note: UIC is tax exempt. Please provide vendors with the tax exempt letter found at 7.4 Cash Purchases or in Sec. 18.6 Taxes

The forms and payment types most frequently used by the Chancellor’s Status Committees are listed below with an explanation for their use.

Foreign National Payment Checklist must be completed prior to contracting for services (OBFS web site): This checklist is used to process payments to Foreign Nationals, also referred to as aliens or persons who are not United States citizens.

Foreign National Payment Form (OBFS manual, Sec. 18): This form is used to process payments to Foreign Nationals, also referred to as aliens or persons who are not United

States citizens.

P-Card: Used to purchase most goods, conference fees, books, supplies

T-Card: Used for travel and catering/refreshment purchases with proof of outside invited guests

Miscellaneous Stores/Service Requisition/Voucher (OBFS web site): This form is used to form is used to process payments to UIC departments/units for expenses such as Catering, Meetings and Conferences reservations, Bookstore/MicroStation.

New Vendor Form (OBFS web site): Vendors should complete and fax this form to

the Office of Diversity for first-time vendors and vendors who need to update their information to apply for or update a vendor number.

Payments to Vendors (OBFS web site):   Payments to vendors include consultants and other contractors for professional and artistic services or guest speakers for honoraria and related expenses. Payments will be processed through TEM.  Please be informed that a contract may be required prior to services being performed which may take up to 30 days.

Public Affairs Requisition (Email to: This process is used to request

MASSMAIL Communications to Faculty, Staff and/or Students.

Travel and Miscellaneous Reimbursements:(refer to OBFS Manual, Sec. 15)

Use for pre-authorized employee travel reimbursements or for pre-authorized and prepaid expenses of $499 or less and must be submitted within 60 days of travel or occurrence.  Original receipts are required; tips are an allowable expense.  Employees must submit their request for reimbursement via TEM.

Professional and Artistic Agreement (OBFS web site): This contract form should be used for agreements with consultants and other contractors for professional and artistic services for services less than $10,000.

Honorarium Payments: These payments can be made to guest speakers for related expenses that do not require a UIC contract for professional and artistic services.

Note: Contracts must be signed by the co-chair, and reviewed and approved by the Office of Diversity prior to any service being performed.  See Sec. 17 of the OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual for details on university contracts.


Note: Each Status Committee’s CFOAP information can be obtained from Susana Sylvester.

Please remember to send the payment form with one or more of the attachments as required:  flyer, program, letter of invitation, vendor invoice, price quote or original receipt, original credit card statement (if original credit card receipt is lost), honorarium or Professional and Artistic Agreement.