Executive Board and Subcommittees

The Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Latinos (CCSL) plays an important role addressing issues that impact Latinos. CCSL works proactively on the recruitment/retention of Latino students, faculty and staff, and support of Latino efforts on campus and in our communities. The Committee has taken a leadership position in enhancing cultural diversity on campus and bringing about a greater awareness of Latino assets through cultural, educational and political events.

Our 2017-2018 Executive Board:

P. Zitlali Morales, College of Education, Co-Chair
Diana Soriano, College of Business, Co-Chair
Jose Abonce, College of Urban Planning Public Affairs
Aixa Alfonso, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Rodrigo Burgos, College of Pharmacy
Tanya Cabrera, Office of Diversity
Theresa Christenson-Caballero, Graduate College
Magda Collazo, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Lorena Garcia, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Gerardo Jimenez, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Viviana Kabbebe-Thompson, College of Applied Health Science
David Marquez, College of Applied Health
Miguel Morales, Disability, and Human Development
Renata Revelo, College of Engineering
Glenda Rios, College of Medicine
Judith Rocha, Jane Addams College of Social Work

The Chancellor’s Committee  Sub-Committees:

  • Faculty Sub-Committee: Addresses issues such as the inclusion of Latinos within academic and administrative searches, employment, promotion and tenure.
  • Student Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee:  Contributes to increasing access to higher education opportunities for Latinos and the inclusion of the Latino perspective in the curriculum leading toward successful graduation.
  • Employment Sub-Committee: Serves to improve employment and advancement opportunities for Latinos.
  • Community Liaison Sub-Committee: Develops and enhances relationships and commitment between UIC and Latino communities of Chicago and Illinois
  • Latina Network Sub-Committee:  Serves to improve employment and advancement opportunities for Latinas.


Each Sub-Committee is charged with coordinating the Committee’s work in its area.